Terms & Condition

  • Software is not covered by the warranty and a service charge will apply
  • Tech Wise NZ Limited is not responsible for any loss of data caused by replacement parts
  • Warranty does not cover damage to other equipment used in conjunction with these goods
  • Tech Wise NZ Limited will not accept or replace any damaged goods caused by misuse or improper handling
  • Warranty will void if label is removed or goods are found physically damaged
  • Our service warranty only applies when the manufacture's replacement part fails, within 90 days from the date of repair
  • Equipment found to be liquid or physically damaged, at the discretion of the repairer, may be excluded from warranty
  • We do not have to provide refund for repaired jobs done unless two or more attempts have been carried out to repair the specific fault
  • We will meet our obligation under Fair Trading Act and Consumer Guarantees Act to provide a remedy or provide refund for the cost of repair.
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